Posted: September 21, 2014 in Uncategorized


The Best of J.S. Bach is playing on YouTube in the background. Strong French Roast coffee and Dark Swiss Chocolate replace my normal cup of morning tea. The ocean waves crash endlessly in a smooth, rhythmic bass line as the nippy steel-gray fog breathes vibrancy into my spritely spirit.

There is something intoxicating about staring at the ocean through the big plate glass windows in the morning. The mix music, the sounds of relentlessly pounding waves, the smell of coffee beans, the sizzling flames of the fireplace, and a serene state of mind. It’s relaxing, but not mummifying. There are only a few places in the world to experience this inebriating combination . I’m sitting in one of them right now.

It’s Sunday morning. Normally, football would grab my full attention – not today. Today is my last full day at the ocean. It’s my last day to drink ocean fueled home-brewed coffee as  huge groups of seagulls walk the sandy beach. Dolphin fins peak through the blue water, flocks of seabirds fly in perfect “V” formation. The fog wraps the scenery in gray tones. This is not a day to watch NFL replays.

If my mesmerized mind were slightly more active, I would write an Ode to the Ocean. It would describe the beauty of the morning, the calmness, and serenity of heaven on earth. I would hint at the ocean’s harmonized parts sways in synchronization, and how Bach’s music sits in the midst of this cacophony. There is only one conclusion to what lays in front of me. Perfection is not only for the rich, the supremely talented, the powerful. It is also available to me.


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