Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was a night of holding hands, smooching, enchiladas and beer. It was time to go home, but tonight it would be a side trip up the back road to take the new Wrangler for a spin. The highway whirred quietly underneath as the Wrangler hit full stride. The Wrangler began to smile as it began is four-wheel gallop down the winding back road.

The moon lit the roadway ahead. The road twisted and turned, topped with a smooth tarmac surface. The backcountry exposed its browns and greens, roadway and trees, broken grounds and rolling hills. The Wrangler shook itself loose as its engine began to purr in anticipation of  the the open road ahead. The road narrowed to one lane, then opened up again on the next curve. The stereo pounding Match Box 20 at top volume. The Wrangler’s smile widened on each curve as the magic of the night began to follow our trail.

It stretched into full stride, head down, shoulders high, and its pounding strength becoming more powerful on each curve. Civilization had disappeared behind the raw curtain of nature, thankfully forgotten for the moment behind the churn of the Wrangler’s engine. Its reverberating speaker’s blared unabashedly into the night.

Magic stretched its arms in full circle, standing on the canvas roof, bellowing in bau-relief, its echo bouncing off our souls, the hills, the concrete road and the blue-black sky. Magic mystically sprinkled its dust on the Wrangler’s head. The Wrangler smiled. It would not be distracted as it continued its bulldozer push up the mountain. It swerved with the road, grinning like a Cheshire cat, sparks flying from her soul, body swaying on each turn.

The road didn’t seem to end; the Wrangler didn’t seem to tire.  Magic continued its tiptoe dance with the moon. The trees and hillside swing with the rhythm of song.

Finally in the distance, a clump of city lights began to emerge. Modern culture began sprouting into existence. Magic politely sat down and the Wrangler kneeled into an eloquent demeanor, its eyes gleaming at the night. The town gorged on our back road aura. Then suddenly, the Wrangler  morphed into the  sleek cunning demeanor of preying black panther stealthily staring straight ahead as it inched toward the lighted gates of town. Magic gave a final wink and wave as it vanished into the cascading darkness of the dark lonely back road. We turned to witness Main Street’s  franchise boogie crowd applauded our return to civilization.


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